Ping Wang

Director / Amis Capital

My goal is to bridge the realms of science & technology with business & industry to effect positive, sustainable, and socially responsible change in the world. To do so, I believe in the power of extraordinary people working in collaborative communities to create innovative solutions. If you do too, I would like to meet you.

I am now floating around the Pacific Rim (USA, Latin America, East Asia) doing innovation/entrepreneurial ecosystem development. I invest time and seed resources into interesting projects that can help “move the needle”, and advise organizations, and even countries on ecosystem development.

I have worked at Techstars, the largest technology incubator/accelerator in the world, where I helped with technical evolution, business development, recruiting, analysis, solutions finding, and more.

Before that, I founded a coworking center – Ansir Innovation, (a club for creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs); founded a tech startup / spin out (in display technology); and am immersed in interdisciplinary academics (culminating in a study of the mind and brain).


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