John Sie

Founder & CEO / Accupass, EvenToken, 活动行

  • Founder of EvenToken (now)
  • Founder and CEO of Accupass (now)
  • Founder and CEO of 活动行 (now)
  • Member of Asia America Multi-Technology Association cross-strait
  • Member of Microsoft Venture Accelerator
  • 腾讯长江青腾班2期
  • Taiwan 《Managers》 Top 100 MVP CEO
  • Foxconn Technology Group PM & Software RD Engineer
  • HiNet National Mobile Value-added Programming Competition fourth
  • Graduated from National Taiwan University of Science and
    Technology(NTUST) major in computer science
  • Graduated from National Taipei University of Science and Technology
    (NTST) major in electronics engineering
  • 15 years experiences in product manager and programming such as
    .NET C#, J2EE/SE/ME, T-SQL, JavaScript languages, etc.